Commitment to Health Series 1.2

Here it is, ladies and gents, the much awaited second edition of the Commitment to Health Series (a weekly interview from people who decided to journey into a healthier lifestyle and live up to it).

Our success story for today is from one of the kindest people I know. And he truly deserves this awesome change in his life.

Purple Bliss: Please introduce yourself.
Romeo: Hello, I am Romeo A. Rabajante Jr., Roms to many. I’m 27 years old and a Multimedia instructor.

Purple Bliss: What was your starting weight and your current weight?
Romeo: I was 120kg (265lb). All I wanted was to lose some weight (at first) and now, I weigh 84kg. Praise God!

Purple Bliss: How long did it take you to be in your current weight?
Romeo: Two years.

Purple Bliss: What moment sparked or inspired you to work on your weight loss journey?
Romeo: I’m a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fanatic. I love watching the game because it’s very much related to my sport. One day, one of the matches featured was a 47-year-old fighter, Randy Couture. I was really amazed that with his age he can still fight and win matches. He became my idol since then so I said to myself that when I get old I want to be fit. Even when I reach the age of 80 or something, I can still jog, lift weights, and basically be physically fit.

Purple Bliss: What methods did you use to achieve your goal?
Romeo: I did some research before I went on a diet, research about the ideal weight for my height (BMI), effective diet programs, and exercises that you can do at home within 20 to 30 minutes per day. So when I started my mission, I set up my goal weight to 70 to 80kg. And then for my diet I used the fruit diet, which was very effective but very difficult to maintain. Why? For one, fruits are expensive and another, imagine yourself while eating with your friends and all of them are freely eating what they want but you are bound to eat only fruits.  Believe me it’s so sad. But I praise God because of this method I significantly lost 25kg (55lb) in 6 months, so that’s from 120kg to 95kg. That’s how effective the fruit diet was for me. During this time, I was eating mostly mangoes, grapes, oranges, bananas and other fruits. But then my body got used to it so I stopped losing weight. This is where I focused more on my exercise program in order to start losing weight again.

Purple Bliss: What is your current fitness/exercise routine?
Romeo: I see to eat that I exercise every day. I have three types of exercise programs that I alternately use. The first is similar to kick boxing, second is jogging and lastly, weight lifting. Each program lasts for about 30 minutes or more.

Purple Bliss: Do you get bored with your exercise regime? How do you cope with it? (If you don’t, how do keep yourself hyped up to exercise?)
Romeo: Of course I get bored with my exercise regime, especially after a hard day at school you just want to rest and all. But when this strikes me, I allow my body to rest about a day or two then I force myself to exercise. Another thing that I do is that, I read articles related to fitness so that I can improve my current program. I also read success stories about people who lost significant amount of weight for additional motivation.

Purple Bliss: Please describe your healthy eating plan. What is your main focus? (cutting fat, eating natural etc.)
Romeo: When I was 120kg, I focused on eating fruits and drinking water. But now, since my weight is lower than 85kg, I have no restrictions in my eating anymore but I see to it that every day I drink milk for my bones, eat fish at least twice a week, as much as possible eat vegetables, drink lots of water and I stop eating before I get full.

Purple Bliss: Is eating healthy expensive for you? How has your eating habits changed since you started your journey?
Romeo: During my fruit diet days, it was very expensive but now, not anymore because I don’t have food restrictions. My journey made me realize that before, I ate too much to the point that I still eat even though I’m already full. I eat less vegetables and more oily food which was very bad for the health. Good thing I realized that so now I eat more vegetables, and less oily food. I feel better and I feel that my eating habit is healthier now.

Purple Bliss: Do you avoid certain foods? What are they?
Romeo: I don’t avoid them entirely but eat or drink in minimal proportions of pork, beef, soda and manufactured fruit juices.

Purple Bliss: What are the best three tips on weight loss that have helped you reach your goal?
Romeo: Exercise every day, eat healthier food, and check your weight and waistline everyday.

Purple Bliss: What obstacles have you faced in reaching your goal and how did you overcome them?
Romeo: I cannot think of any obstacles that hindered me from losing weight, especially because I was really determined to lose weight. I just have to keep on reminding myself that I have to be fit and losing weight is for my own good.

Purple Bliss: How has your weight loss changed your body image?
Romeo: I feel more confident now. It is a nice feeling when people compliment me on my weight loss; I feel that somehow I am inspiring them.

Purple Bliss: What advice can you give to anyone who wants to start a weight loss journey?
Romeo: Losing weight is difficult but possible. As what Tony Gonzaga said in the movie “My Big Love”, if you want to lose weight start today, not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

Then when you have decided to lose weight, set your goal, research for diet and exercise programs that fit you, check your weight and waistline every day, never give up and commit everything to God. ###

*Answers are not verbatim

*Photos are owned by the Interviewee

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Thank you so much Sir Romeo, my Digital Multimedia instructor back in College. He’s really supportive with this endeavour and I am continuously amazed by the changes that he successfully reached.

This Certified Purple Bliss love badge is for you Sir. A special award given only to awesome people who are certified advocates of positive change. Congratulations and again, Thank you!

Purple Bliss says:  What’s stopping you from starting your journey to a healthier you?  Share it in the comments section.


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