5 things: Guide for a fangirl’s first time

A week ago today was one if not the most surreal moment in my life. It’s one of those particular moments in one’s life that—no matter how elusive or short-lived—has this euphoric effect enough to last a lifetime. In my case it’s when a “fangirl” watches her favorite K-Pop group in concert live for the first time.

Yes. I’m admittedly a BIGBANG fangirl, albeit novice; compared to the thousands of other die-hard Bigbang fans I never knew existed until last July when news broke about the Group coming to the Philippines as part of their first world tour. With everything that has happened from then until the actual concert, I’ve learned a number of things fellow greenhorn fangirls and fanboys need to know when watching their favorite K-Pop groups before, during and after a concert.

1. Be up to date! (Pre-concert)

Thanks to the birth of the Information age, news about Bigbang coming to Manila spread faster than wildfire. Following the group’s blog, YouTube account, FB fan page and all other sites that provide information about the Boy’s latest whereabouts come in handy. Even tweets from the concert organizers, AllKpop news, and posts from the official fan group in the country make you all giddy inside.

Note to fangirl: All these information add to the anticipation which is part of the fangirl-fantasy-come-to-life process. Heighten the excitement by being in the know.

2. Save up! (Pre-concert)

When the date was finally revealed—October 24, 2012—the next thing everyone was talking about was the ticket prices. And boy, the tickets had a hefty sum on their tags. But then again for a fangirl, I really wanted to save up for the best seat or spot though costly.

However, when I finally came back to earth and convinced my alter ego fangirl that I don’t have the luxury of buying the most coveted tickets, I came to conclusion that the important thing is that I get to watch the concert and see the Boys in the flesh.

Note to fangirl: If you want to really splurge on the best seat and official merchandise, save up! As early as now, the fangirl better put good old piggy bank to wise use for next year’s concert. Aja!

3. Be an early bird! (Concert day)

The concert was scheduled at 8pm but I was shocked to find tweets from fans who were already at the venue as early as 10am, only to realize later that there were fans who stayed overnight at the SM Arena just to secure a spot in front of the entrance line. *Talk about fangirl determination!

Staying overnight for a concert may seem over the top but then, there were fans who missed the Intro song because of the poor management scheme implementation at the concert entrance. It’s way worse than MRT rush hour. Imagine that.

Note to fangirl: three to five hours before the concert schedule is just about the right time to arrive at the venue. It’s not too early, not too late. Avoid playing victim to unwanted circumstances at such a wonderful affair. Be early so there’s no hating, just *insert fave K-Pop group* loving.

4. Savor every moment (Concert day)

A day before the concert, the organizers announced that cameras (DSLRs and even point-and-shoot ones) are not allowed inside the concert venue. However, browsing through the comments from various netizens revealed that in previous concerts held in the venue, this regulation was unsuccessfully practiced. I went to the venue confident about bringing a camera, certain about the rule being a flop. But nobody told me I had to hide the camera well enough so the bag inspectors wouldn’t see it. I ended up leaving it at the baggage counter for the whole duration of the concert.

Lo and behold it was a blessing in disguise. I got to watch the concert with full undisturbed attention as opposed to my seatmate who, half the time, only watched the concert through his camera’s lenses.

Note to fangirl: Don’t be a cameraman in moments as epic as this. Leave the HD documenting to the organizers and the band’s communication team. Live the moment. Savor every second of it.

5. Go Social (Post-concert)

A day after the concert I was still in a trance. There’s no better way to feed on this natural high than sharing it with all your fellow concert goers online. Social media has this magical way of creating strong-knit online communities and I’m happy to be part of it.

Note to fangirl: I ended up solo watching the concert but I was never lonely. I even gained a handful of new friends who share the love for Bigbang. So don’t fret fangirl, you’re not alone!

ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

*Credits to YG comm team for the superb photos (as tagged)

Purple bliss says: Are you a K-Pop fangirl too? Are you a VIP? Share it in the comments section! =)


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