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2013: A Year of Gratitude

At the beginning of the year, it’s always been a trend to ask “What’s your new year’s resolution?” a timely question as we collectively say goodbye to all the things good and bad from a year that has passed and welcome a new year with enthusiasm and hope. The first month of the first year, more often than not serves as the most optimistic time of the year because we simply acknowledge and commit to be better and brighter versions of ourselves.

In lieu of answering the popular question, I choose to answer “What is ‘2013’ to you?” For me this posts a more reflective approach to tracing exactly what we need and want for ourselves. Though both questions essentially aim to achieve something positive, answering the latter requires a central theme that you consciously live out in the present to make your answer relevant.

For me, 2013 is a year of gratitude. This year is the God-given time for me to show appreciation for all the people who have touched my life and in one way or another made it better.

Building relationships and keeping them is no easy task. In valuing the people around me, I hope to make this year more meaningful. By placing more importance on the existence of the person in my life rather than being carried away by shallow fights and misunderstandings I hope to make longer lasting friendships.

 In showing gratitude for having the opportunity to learn from another human being, I hope to eradicate prejudice and nurture respect with God’s wonderful creation. By proactively receiving God’s grace, I hope this year is not just a year of gratefulness for me but reciprocate to others as well.

 I want this year to be a year of “thank yous” because “the greatest acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.”


Purplebliss asks: How about you? What is “2013” to you?