7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships are worth a Try

Disclaimer: Long Distance Relationships can be tough! Getting into one is not advisable for those faint at heart, paranoid and with extreme trust issues. Enough said.

However, for all the brave souls, here are seven reasons why you should go “long distance” at some point in the relationship:

1. It squeezes out all your creative juices.
Since you couldn’t hug, kiss, cuddle, share a shower or do any physical activity together, you tend to look for creative ways to show intimacy. Think in the lines of using technology “in its full potential”.

2. It lifts your trust level to a record high.
Paranoia attacks are normal but after the initial rush of doubt, or should I say consistent rush of doubt, you’ll realize that it’s easier to just trust your partner. In the mean time you’ll distract yourself with an LDR playlist full of hopeful songs like “Love is waiting” and “A thousand years”.

3. It keeps you on your toes.
Cheating can be done in whatever type of relationship but there is a bigger window of opportunity when you’re in an LDR so both parties tend to give extra effort to do things just to feel secure. No dull moments!

4. It’s like you’re filming a romantic comedy.
Yes, there are lonesome days and lonely nights but you comfort yourself with fantasizing about the day you’ll finally be wrapped around each other’s arms. It’s an overflowing combination of emotion just like the ending scene in “A very long Engagement” and hormones just like the surprise visit scene in “Going the Distance” almost all the time.

5. It provides a healthy dose of freedom and security at the same time.
LDRs present the best of both worlds. You get to live the social life of a single person without the hassle and frustration incorporated with the dating game because you already enjoy the emotional security of being in a relationship. This is a beautiful setup because you get a lot of extra time to juggle other aspects of your life like catching up with friends and family, doing volunteer work, and focusing on your career.

6. It stretches your patience. Patience you didn’t know you have.
It’s amazing how your system sets on auto-pilot mode once you go for a long distance relationship. You somehow manage to teach yourself to BE PATIENT. It suddenly becomes a mantra. Being optimistic also becomes imperative. Arguments or fights are highly avoided in LDRs because they are prolonged than usual. Distance poses more room for misunderstanding so being patient and positive saves you from epic drama fits.

7. You learn just how selfish you are and how selfless you can be.
It’s a learning process. You and your partner learn more about who you both are and your capacities to handle extra challenges. At the end of the day, it is about how much you want to make it work. The key to LDRs, or any relationship, is to love one another “unconditionally”. It’s a conscious effort between two people who decide to love each other despite the distance.


Purplebliss asks: Are you in a long distance relationship? What other reasons can you add in the list?


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