The Daily Battle: Wakey Wakey

Sunrise at Caramoan Island, Philippines

Sunrise at Caramoan Island, Philippines

Every single f*ng day of your life is a battle. You are constantly at war with yourself–from the very moment your alarm clock jars you awake to the very last text or email you send before you doze off at night. 

Wakey! Wakey! Talk about the first thing you do in the morning.  When you keep bargaining “five more minutes” before you actually pull yourself out of bed. Then end getting up an hour later. When you procrastinate first thing in the morning, this is already one battle lost out of the hundreds of battles you have to go through within a single day. It sounds ridiculous right? Why would snoozing your alarm three to five times before getting up, be a lost battle? A little procrastination wouldn’t hurt and besides, everybody does it! Point taken, especially because the Filipino culture has already wired into your system the infamous “Filipino time”. This feeds the idea that it’s okay to be late because everyone is. It’s okay to procrastinate because we are all procrastinators.

This manner of reasoning is a classic, ubiquitous example of sloth. What’s the big deal? Not much, at first. You’re just creating a habit that’s detrimental to your productivity. This habit somehow grows into a character that sticks to your system like a virus. You don’t really get the gravity of the mess you’re in until you end up  missing a plane ride or hurt your best friends big time.

The sad part is you’re too wired into this constant routine of “laziness”, you neglect the fact that it’s possible for you to change.  You allow yourself to be contented with the idea that “it’s just the way it is” and surrender your power to change by saying “I can’t do anything about it.” Most of the time, you don’t consider it a big deal. There is no urgency to change. Even though you know that the best time to change is NOW.

What’s even sadder is you don’t want to change. You think of it as an alien idea; a far-fetched concept; impossible. In other words, you’re just too lazy to change. It is a daily battle indeed. You fall into temptation over and over again.

There’s this concept called “three voices” which comprises of your voice, your conscience and the tempter’s voice. Imagine one of those cartoon shows where you (as the protagonist) would have to decide over something and suddenly, two mini-versions of you would appear on your shoulders. One is dressed up like an angel and the other as the devil. These two would argue and throw a wrangle at each other. You would then decide based on whose side gave a better argument. The real problem is  you have made yourself numb from identifying which mini-me-voice-version-of-yourself is speaking to you. That is why you follow the voice that  seems to be most comforting at the moment. You know you’ll regret it later but you choose the tempter anyway.

This post is the first of a series about a sleepy-head trying to convince you to get your a* off of bed on time. The day has just began.


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