Book Review: The Time Keeper

the time keeper

It took me a million years to write another book review but this book is just too good to pass up.

The Time Keeper is a tale about three souls connected by time. It is written by Mitch Albom (one of my favorite writers ever) and published in 2012. I really don’t know why it took me two years before reading this but I’m so happy that I finally did.

The story is divided into three parts. It follows the lives of three totally different people living in three different worlds but who are connected with their insatiable greed, desire, and hatred for time.

It features Dor, an ancient man who first measured time, later dubbed as father time; Sarah, a 17-year old smart girl who falls in love with the wrong guy; and Victor,  an old-aged business mogul who is diagnosed with Cancer.

I won’t divulge more on their stories but will provide actual quotes from the book that just melted my heart. These are the lines depicted in particular moments of the characters’ stories that somehow reflected mine during some point in time in my life.

“She knew what it feels like to lose your place in the world.”

The author talks about Alli, Dor’s wife who, together with Dor, was shunned by society. Losing your place in the world, this is something I dreaded, still do. I first felt this straight after college, when I was technically unemployed and clueless with what my life was for.  Do you know what it feels like to lose your place in the world?

“Sometimes, when you are not getting the love you want, giving makes you think you will.”

Sarah felt this way over Ethan, a pretty boy who surprisingly gave her attention. This line resonated how I used to deal with things. When you don’t get the attention or affection that you want, you just give more to fill in the gaps.

“When we are most alone is when we embrace another’s loneliness.”

Loneliness is such a commonplace. Who wouldn’t resonate to that?

“Hurting ourselves to inflict pain on others is just another cry to be loved.”

This line reminded me of a friend who is often in trouble at school for doing careless things. It made me realize how desperate she was for the love of her family.

“She had been so consumed with escaping her own misery; she hadn’t considered the misery she might inflict.”

This made me miss my parents. When kids grow up and try to live independent lives, their parents remain the same. Worrying and caring for them from a distance.

 “With endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can’t appreciate what we have.”

This is my favorite passage in the book. It encapsulates the morale of the book.  Albom drives home the point with this line. This book reminds us that God limits our days to make each one precious. I hope that you, my dear reader, realize just how precious your life is. Make every moment count.

I give this book four stars! Cheers to the only life we have!


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