(Kinda) Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Thanks to Facebook, I saw the trailer of the movie release of this book even before I actually read it.  My officemate posted the video and I immediately approached her the next day and asked if I could borrow the book. (Thank you @Joan.)

The title was familiar but I had no clue on what the story was about. Needless to say, I am not a John Green fan. I am sorry Nerdfighters! In my defense, it is solely because I have never heard of him. No, I have never seen his YouTube vlogs too. However, with this book, I might be joining the fans club, though I am not sure if I am nerdy enough to do so.


Now off to the book review. It is a fresh take on a sad love story. It follows teenagers Augustus and Hazel Grace who cross each other’s paths in a support group meeting for Cancer patients. Love is always more enriched with death involved but Green’s manner of telling the story spices it up even more.

It is fairly predictable but what amuses me the most is John Green’s writing style. He really is a nerd, in a good way. This is one of those books that don’t just make you feel, it also makes you think long and hard. He also placed more depth into the lead characters. The protagonists are 17-year olds but they are not described stereotypically.

There are good amounts of laughter and excitement in the book that I can relate to, especially with teenage “kilig.” Since Cancer is part of the equation, pain, lots of pain, plus depression, and all other emotions attached with dying are also common factors in the story. Oh, poetry is also evident, which I really enjoyed too.

I call The Fault in our Stars refreshing because I have never read something like it before. Being a sucker for melodramas, (thanks to years of Korean drama exposure), I truly enjoyed the author’s take on Cancer love stories. Green’s world is quite different from mine, so that is why I am still testing the waters of his nerdy universe, but I really appreciate the new set of vocabulary words and concepts I got from this book.

Metaphorical resonance. Hamartia. Cancer perks. Oblivion. Pain demands to be felt.

This is more of an author review than a book review but I definitely enjoyed reading The Fault in our Stars and this won’t be my last read on Green’s work.

I give it 3 ½ stars. The movie will be released this June. I will watch it and highly suggest that you do, too.



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