Street Food Happiness

banana cue

Google-ing banana cue!

Happiness is eating a beloved Filipino snack in the busy streets of Ermita, Manila, one late summer afternoon.

When I was taking my Spanish Classes in Instituto Cervantes, I used to crave all the goodies prolific in the sidewalk on my way to school. They range from Fishball to Tempura, and from nilagang mani (boiled peanuts) to Kwek-kwek, the hard-boiled eggs deep fried in orange batter. Yummy! Among these authentic street food, Banana cue is my favorite. It is just pure bliss in its sweet and crispy perfection. I’ve been meaning to buy one since my first visit to Instituto, but I always end up eating something else. I often forget to buy it before riding the LRT back home.

However, on one random Friday after class, the craving could no longer be ignored. I finally bought my most sought after banana cue that I paired with another all-time favorite calorie-filled drink, Mountain Dew. I sat on one of the empty benches at the park just below the UN LRT station. It’s as if the street wasn’t filled with pollution and I wasn’t eating dirty food. It didn’t matter. I just sat there and spent a whole 15 minutes pondering on my life. I was taking glances on passersby as I devour my banana cue and sip through my bottle of soda.

I managed to freeze, capture and save a mental picture of how my surroundings looked like in that very moment. There were the hustle and bustle of the vehicles on the street and students eagerly waiting for their Jeepney ride home. I recall the vendors doing their sales talk and customers buying their tricks. There were traffic enforcers doing their job and ensuring no one gets hurt. There were also other people like me, enjoying the array of street food literally on the sidewalk.

This happened three years ago but I still remember every single detail of that moment. It was such a peaceful inner experience despite the chaotic external environment. It is one of those out-of-the-blue days, when you reflect on your existence. When you realize that you have  to be grateful for the “now” that you’re living because now is all you have.

“How do you measure a year in your life?” as the song goes, and my answer to this is to count it in moments. Yes. Count it in random moments of feeling insanely happy by eating a piece of unhealthy, brown, sugar-coated, banana cue. It is through these moments that I get reminded of who I am–just a thread in a gigantic tapestry called life. I may only be one among the billions, but significant nonetheless.

Yeah, banana cue has that effect on me. Let’s all be happy and live in the moment! Now is all we have.


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