Awareness: We Care for Rare

Awareness. It means knowing that something exists and is important.

On the appointed day of February 28 this year, everyone is encouraged to be aware, to acknowledge the importance of Rare Disease, and show their love and support to all those affected by it. From private to public institutions; from hospitals to schools; and various volunteer groups, people from different backgrounds come together to partner with the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders in the awareness campaign for the 7th World Rare Disease Day.

This solidarity is demonstrated through displays of posters and tarpaulins in public areas, offices, hospitals, and schools. It is celebrated by sharing the “I Care for Rare” posters and “Lalaban Kami” and other rare-disease-themed videos via social media. It is exhibited by wearing the I Care for Rare denim ribbons, by distributing brochures, and conducting seminars and symposia about Rare Disease.

It is materialized by pushing the passage of Senate Bill No. 2098, or the “Rare Disease Act of 2014― a bill that will mandate the government to assist persons with rare disease by increasing their access to medical treatment and drugs, and including them in the coverage of the Universal Health Care program.”

It is declared by coming together for the Rare Disease Day Group Hug and Globe lighting at the SM Mall of Asia Globe in Pasay City. It is signified by lighting a candle and saying a prayer for the people who have succumbed to their rare disease. It is expressed by approaching the people and their families, who are seriously battling their condition and saying “Be strong! Everything will be alright.”

The nationwide awareness campaign aims to promote the welfare of Filipinos afflicted with rare disorders. It aims to let them know that they matter and that they are not alone in their journey.

Awareness. It means we care. We Care for Rare.


Photo courtesy of PSOD


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