Feliz Cumpleaños




Thank you.

Twenty-four years ago, you gave birth to a healthy baby girl; the youngest of five girls you were responsible of forming into women.  I don’t really know how difficult it was for you to be a mom of five but I can imagine the hardships you’ve been through and the sacrifices you had to make. Thank you for standing strong. Thank you for enduring all the challenges. All these years, you had to put up with my stubbornness and apathy. Thank you for not giving up on me.

I’m Sorry.

Six years ago, I wrote a letter about all the grudges and misunderstanding we’ve had in the past. That was the day I forgave you for all the shortcomings in our relationship.  Today, I want to say sorry for all of my mistakes. I’m sorry for not letting you know how much I worry about you. I’m sorry for not letting you know that my greatest fear is losing you and dad.

I love you.

You were almost 40 when you had me. It must have been very difficult for you to add a fifth child in your list of obligations. Thank you for providing a home for me to always go back to. Twenty-four years ago today, God chose you to be my mother. Even if I had a choice, I’d still choose you! I love you mom!


P.S.  I grew up watching 7th Heaven marathons during Holy Week. This song couldn’t be more reminiscent of home and family.

When I see their happy faces smiling back at me…

I know there’s no greater feeling than the love of a family

Where can you go… when the world don’t treat you right?

The answer is home… that’s the one place that you’ll find

7th Heaven

Te Wa, Dich, San, Te May, Mom, and Dad, thank you for being my 7th heaven. My birthday wish is that you’ll always remember how special you are and how thankful I am of an awesome God who made you my guardian angels. I love you!


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