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How to See the Good in the Bad







I fell down a flight of stairs and hurt my back the other day. I still suffer from the back pain and it’s quite annoying how much of my thought process resolves around how painful my back is. I can easily wrap myself in a self-pity bun and point out how unlucky I am, how problematic my life is, and how much the universe conspires to torture me. However, this back pain made me realize quite the opposite.

One. I have functional limbs.

Just imagine how your life would be like without an arm, without a leg or two, without your eyesight, without your voice, without any of the body parts that you take for granted just because you’re used to having them. Then acknowledge the strength and courage of the people who don’t have the luxury to have a complete and well-functioning set of body parts but still thrive for today and every other day of their lives.

Two. I’m surrounded by people who care.

After I accompanied my dad for a check –up, he accompanied me to the pharmacy for pain-killers. He has his own problems to think of but he still cares about my problems. My friends were also sympathetic about my misfortune and in their simple ways, alleviated my suffering. God is so good for blessing me with these people.

Three. It is not the end of the world.

No matter how bad my day is, no matter how unlucky I may seem, no matter how painful my circumstance may be, the world will not end if I still have hope in me.  “Hope is the only thing more powerful than fear” as President Snow in Hunger Games said. I’m simply letting the Katniss in me shine.

Bottom line. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. All the bad things in your life may be real but so is all the good. You just have to choose to linger on the bright side. Sometimes, you need to feel a little suffering to know how blessed you are.

Purple bliss says: Be happy! It’s a Friday!




Sometimes you forget that you’re beautiful that’s why you keep on feeling insecure about yourself.

Sometimes you forget that you are loved that’s why you search for affirmation from others.

Sometimes you forget that you’re fortunate enough to go to school that’s why you don’t take your classes seriously.

Sometimes you forget that you are lucky to have both of your parents alive that’s why you push them away.

Sometimes you forget that you’re not stupid that’s why you do stupid things.

You’re not what others say you are. You are who you allow yourself to be. Actions define who you are.

Just because you are lonely, neglected, and rejected does not mean you can’t grow and move forward.

Just because you are insecure does not mean you can’t be confident.

Just because you failed a million times does not mean you can’t succeed.

Just because you messed up, does not mean you can’t make up for it.

Just because you are empty does not mean you have nothing to give.

God is love and love is everlasting.

If you don’t feel loved, pray for the grace to always remember

how much you are loved by someone who died for you and saved you from your sins.

Know that you are loved, always and forever.

Stop complaining about your inadequacies and do something.

If you don’t have time, make time. Choose to count your blessings.

Choose to remember how beautiful, fortunate and lucky you are in a billion aspects of your life.

Choose love every day.

Choose Love, for God is Love.

Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18: 4)

Goodbye March, Hello April!

A few weeks ago, I posted a To Do list for my birth month. As promised, I’m posting an update about this list. Out of the 21 things that I wanted to do, I pulled off only half of them. I hope to fulfill the rest this April *fingers crossed.

Think before you speak

This came in handy when I had an argument with a really important person. I realized that it is really important to choose your words properly. If you want to be taken seriously, start with meaningful conversations. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Crack a joke

I don’t really joke with my peers in the office but cracking a joke here and there surely changed my cold and distant aura (or so I hope).

Write a blog about your mom

I wrote about my lovely mom here. Now I just have to find a way to get her online and make her read it. *haha

Go on an excursion

This gets a double-check in my list. I went swimming at Laiya Batangas with my office mates on the 15th then I climbed a mountain at Cuenca Batangas with my friends from a volunteer group on the 30th. Both experiences reminded me of nature’s beauty and grandeur. I can’t wait to do it again!

Sing in front of a lot of people

I sing all the time. Ask my sister, my friends, and my office mates. That doesn’t mean I’m excellent at it though. Singing in front of strangers at our excursion was liberating. Sometimes you don’t have to be great at something, you just have to do it from the heart and people will appreciate it.

Savor every meal

The Batangas trip was a food festival on its own.  From fresh watermelons and mangoes to grilled fish and buttered shrimps. Every meal could have been my last. Generally, I just became more grateful of the food I’m privileged to devour.

Smile more

I tried my best to smile while talking to my students. It makes my voice sound friendlier. You should try it too!

Send out gratitude letters

I gave straight-from-the-heart letters to a bunch of really awesome people in time for my birthday. We should never forget to remind the people who matter most to us that they matter.

Invite more people to volunteer

I was more vocal about the volunteer work I do with a missionary organization.  We teach children values formation every Sunday at Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Join a dance class

I joined a hip hop dance class a few weeks ago.  The joint pain was worth the fun and nostalgic feeling of late night practices. It reminded me of a time when I’d stay out late for dance practices back in high school.

Pray more

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank God for a new day. Before I go to sleep, I also thank Him for giving me today.

It’s a Friday! Let’s be grateful!