A Stranger’s Story


Last night, while zapping through channels on the TV after the late night news show, I came upon “I love Pinas.” It’s a midnight travel show featuring attractions in the Philippines. That was my first time to learn about the show’s existence. I don’t watch TV much and I was curious with who the host was. I have never heard of him and I thought to myself, “Who is he and how did he get my dream job?”

So I googled Carlo Lorenzo today and I found his travel and food blog. His story was full of surprises. In a nutshell, he was a Broadcast Communication graduate from UP Diliman. He was a man full of ambition and worked as a newscaster for GMA Network. His ultimate dream was to host his own TV show. His work and ambition made him lose sight of the more important things in life. Then, in 2002, he was kidnapped which led to his epiphany. In his words, “When I was kidnapped, I was released from my other prisons: materialism, ambition, insecurities. In his Great Adventure story, he said, “My dream was big, but God is bigger.”

He resigned from work and tried to find himself again in God. He realized that for the longest time, his work was his god. His resignation paved way for him to realign his priorities and fully depend on God for everything. In 2010, just when he was almost broke, he got a call from the TV Network to temporarily host a show. One thing led to another and in 2011, he was offered his own show- I love Pinas.

As he puts it, God gave him the best version of his dream. God is really amazing. He has a great plan for each of us and He manifests this in extraordinary ways.

I don’t think it was just coincidence that I happen to watch the show last night and find out about this stranger’s story. It’s a reminder that I should let go of my worldly ways and have faith in God’s amazing plan for me, just as He did for this man.

Let’s keep the faith alive! Happy Friday!



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