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A Piece of August


                   I’m BACK!

It’s two in the afternoon, my body clock jars me awake. I came home around 8:30, dead tired from the day’s work (or shall I say, night’s work since I’m on night shift), and slept almost immediately once I saw my cozy purple bed calling me.

Now five hours later, I can’t get myself back to sleep, but am too lazy to do house chores to kill time so here I am, writing again, for the first time in a long time, reviving what’s left of my one-year dormant blog.

I know it’s been around a year since I stopped my regular posts because I just celebrated my first year anniversary in the company (hurray!), which was exactly the reason why I broke my writing cycle (boo!) adjusting to the new workplace and all (teehee).

In that light, this post is about celebrating milestones in our lives. In the past year, what milestones do you consider celebrating? What recent events in your life are worth being extremely grateful for? Here’s my top eight:

  1. Celebrating my first year in Wells Fargo.
  2. Moving in to my new place.
  3. Having mom and dad come over for summer.
  4. Having regular meet-ups with old friends.
  5. Traveling to Baguio and Vigan with my best friend.
  6. Going out of town with my family.
  7. Having the successful launch of the “book of love” project”
  8. Going mountain climbing four times in 2015 (and counting).

Cheers to celebrating small victories! What’s your victory story?

P.S. As the title suggests, I originally wrote this post a couple of months ago but decided to publish it today because it’s about time I come back! Thus, the caption on the selfie. (haha)

I will be posting separate blogs about each of my eight milestones for the year. Watch out for it!

Love lots,