My Java Experience: Tips for first time travelers to Indonesia (PART 2)

I recently spent a full week in Indonesia and discovered a lot of things about this country that would be helpful for first time travelers. I recently wrote about these tips here. If you haven’t read PART 1 of the series, just follow the link. Today, I’m sharing another set of tips to help you prepare for your next trip to this awesome country that is filled with culture, history, and nature’s wonders!


To the left, to the left.

Stay left on the road when driving.

This country was under the British occupation. That being said, traits like the love for football and driving on the left side and having cars manufactured with steering wheels on the right are the norm. It took some time for me to adjust and every car ride would be such a thrilling experience because my brain would tell me something is wrong with their driving.


Sockets look like this.

Bring an adaptor for your phone charger

Another example of the British influence in the country is their electricity sockets that are common in European countries. However, there are also ports that use the typical ones we use in the Philippines. The wattage is the same, only the port type is different. To play it safe might as well bring an adaptor to avoid the inconvenience of looking for one all over the city.


Train ticket to Yogyakarta from Surabaya – an 8 hour travel.

Traveling from one city to another may be quite taxing and expensive

Just like the Philippines, Indonesia is an archipelago. It has over 18,000 counted islands and shares borders with Timor-Leste, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. So brush up your basic knowledge of geography and check the distance of the places you want to visit in this country. If your stay is going to be eaten by the travel time to go from one destination to the next, might as well tweak your plan so that you can maximize your stay.


Baguio feels in Mt. Bromo Camp site.

Check the weather conditions in your time of visit.

The weather in Indonesia can be quite varied. It would be best to check the typical whether conditions of the area you are planning to visit so that you can pack the most appropriate attire for the trip. When I went to the camp site near Mt. Bromo, the weather was super cool but when I stayed in Jakarta, it was really hot. When we went to a hot spring resort in Bandung, the weather was really cold to a point that the road was covered in fog. Other factors to consider are the time of day you plan to visit the tourist spots and if these sites are in the highlands or lowlands because they both affect weather conditions.


Screenshot_2017-08-06-18-23-29 is telling me how to get to our hostel in Yogya.

Find the best apps that can help you navigate your way

Two of my favourite apps/websites in this particular trip are Grab and Grab is our staple means of transport going to our hotel from the train station or from the hotel to the bus stop. Since the drivers later find out that we are tourists, they make the extra effort to make sure we arrive to the correct drop off. Also, I used to look for our hostels in Yogyakarta and Bandung. My favourite part of this website is that you have the option to book without having to pay anything so it won’t be a loss if you choose to cancel the booking later. Plus, you can filter your search such as the price of stay, wifi availability, or type of beds to match your specific needs so you won’t have to take too long to look for the perfect place to stay in.

Now that you are all set with these tips, want to work on your specific itinerary? Watch out for my day to day accounts on the adventures I had in Indonesia. Will post them soon!


Learn more about my visit in this Prambanan temple and other sites, soon!


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