I’m Christine, a 24-year old Communications graduate from a Jesuit school somewhere in the southwestern part of the Philippine archipelago who believes that I can change the world by picking up “one starfish at a time” (see The Starfish Story by Loren Eiseley)

As the saying goes, “change begins with me” so the goal is to constantly strive to become a better version of myself in order to magnetize reformation to the people around me and “change the world” so to speak.  This paved way to the inception of this blog which serves as a vortex of positive change.

Purple bliss is a sanctuary that is dedicated to mastering the art of blissful living while gorging through all the challenges that come in between. The idea is to acknowledge and place significance to the good in all the simple, mundane and crappy circumstances. Here, I will be opening old wounds in order to completely heal them; define insecurities in order to rise above them; and discover amazing wonders from anything and everything under the sun in order to celebrate life.

This is a personal melting pot of moments in life that you, my dear friend, might find similar to yours. So join me in this journey and let’s rejoice in the beauty of living life in the positive light.


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