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Don’t compare your starting point to someone else’s finish line

To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to post this here but the brave voice won today so I’m sharing something personal, something that would make me vulnerable.

I went for a brisk walk yesterday and tracked it via my run keeper app. I did a screenshot of my activity and wanted to keep it for myself. I didn’t want to share it to social media because I was scared of being looked down upon. I haven’t been exercising regularly and I have been enjoying food now more than ever. That goes without saying, my fitness level has depleted in the process.

With that said, I’m still posting this here because instead of being a shameful act, I want to make this as a motivation to workout more and improve myself and be better every day.

I’ll reach 6.3mi in less than an hour one day and when that day comes, I’ll go back to this post and say, I made it!


To you who’s reading this, if you have friends who are struggling or just trying to start something new for the better, please don’t bully them. Instead, lend them a hand or give them words of affirmation.

The world needs more optimism. Be a cheerleader in your own right.