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The Secret to Happiness



If you want to be SAD, all you have to do is COMPARE.

She is prettier than me. She is effortlessly sexy but I’m fat. She seems to be going steady with her beau but I’m still single. She’s so popular with the guys  but I seem to repel them. Her bag is from the latest collection but mine is so last year’s. He has a thriving business but I’ve been struggling to keep mine afloat. He bought a new car but I’m still stuck with my old rusty ride. They went on another European tour but I haven’t been to a single one.  They bought another house but I can’t even afford to buy one.  The list goes on and on.

When you keep on looking at what others have and what you don’t have then you’ll really end up sad and pathetic. Also, don’t mistake identifying how fortunate you are than other people as counting your blessings. That is still comparing and you won’t really feel happy doing that. Comparison ends up negatively. Simply stop yourself every time you do it consciously and catch yourself every time you do it subconsciously.

If you want to be HAPPY, don’t compare yourself to others. The guaranteed path to happiness is to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

I am blessed with a loving family. I have food to eat. I have a place to go home to. I have amazing friends who love me for who I am. I have a supportive work environment. I can watch the awesome sunset right outside my office window. I have a complete set of limbs. I can smell the delicious aroma of a home-cooked meal. I can hear the sweet voice of my one-year-old nephew. I can see the light of day. I am alive. The list goes on and on.

Before you go to bed tonight, count your blessings. Do it tomorrow night. Do it every day. You’ll be amazed at how blessed you are and how happier you’ll be.

Be happy for you are blessed. Here’s one for your list tonight-it’s a Friday!

Have a happy weekend!


Goodbye March, Hello April!

A few weeks ago, I posted a To Do list for my birth month. As promised, I’m posting an update about this list. Out of the 21 things that I wanted to do, I pulled off only half of them. I hope to fulfill the rest this April *fingers crossed.

Think before you speak

This came in handy when I had an argument with a really important person. I realized that it is really important to choose your words properly. If you want to be taken seriously, start with meaningful conversations. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Crack a joke

I don’t really joke with my peers in the office but cracking a joke here and there surely changed my cold and distant aura (or so I hope).

Write a blog about your mom

I wrote about my lovely mom here. Now I just have to find a way to get her online and make her read it. *haha

Go on an excursion

This gets a double-check in my list. I went swimming at Laiya Batangas with my office mates on the 15th then I climbed a mountain at Cuenca Batangas with my friends from a volunteer group on the 30th. Both experiences reminded me of nature’s beauty and grandeur. I can’t wait to do it again!

Sing in front of a lot of people

I sing all the time. Ask my sister, my friends, and my office mates. That doesn’t mean I’m excellent at it though. Singing in front of strangers at our excursion was liberating. Sometimes you don’t have to be great at something, you just have to do it from the heart and people will appreciate it.

Savor every meal

The Batangas trip was a food festival on its own.  From fresh watermelons and mangoes to grilled fish and buttered shrimps. Every meal could have been my last. Generally, I just became more grateful of the food I’m privileged to devour.

Smile more

I tried my best to smile while talking to my students. It makes my voice sound friendlier. You should try it too!

Send out gratitude letters

I gave straight-from-the-heart letters to a bunch of really awesome people in time for my birthday. We should never forget to remind the people who matter most to us that they matter.

Invite more people to volunteer

I was more vocal about the volunteer work I do with a missionary organization.  We teach children values formation every Sunday at Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Join a dance class

I joined a hip hop dance class a few weeks ago.  The joint pain was worth the fun and nostalgic feeling of late night practices. It reminded me of a time when I’d stay out late for dance practices back in high school.

Pray more

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank God for a new day. Before I go to sleep, I also thank Him for giving me today.

It’s a Friday! Let’s be grateful!

Feliz Cumpleaños




Thank you.

Twenty-four years ago, you gave birth to a healthy baby girl; the youngest of five girls you were responsible of forming into women.  I don’t really know how difficult it was for you to be a mom of five but I can imagine the hardships you’ve been through and the sacrifices you had to make. Thank you for standing strong. Thank you for enduring all the challenges. All these years, you had to put up with my stubbornness and apathy. Thank you for not giving up on me.

I’m Sorry.

Six years ago, I wrote a letter about all the grudges and misunderstanding we’ve had in the past. That was the day I forgave you for all the shortcomings in our relationship.  Today, I want to say sorry for all of my mistakes. I’m sorry for not letting you know how much I worry about you. I’m sorry for not letting you know that my greatest fear is losing you and dad.

I love you.

You were almost 40 when you had me. It must have been very difficult for you to add a fifth child in your list of obligations. Thank you for providing a home for me to always go back to. Twenty-four years ago today, God chose you to be my mother. Even if I had a choice, I’d still choose you! I love you mom!


P.S.  I grew up watching 7th Heaven marathons during Holy Week. This song couldn’t be more reminiscent of home and family.

When I see their happy faces smiling back at me…

I know there’s no greater feeling than the love of a family

Where can you go… when the world don’t treat you right?

The answer is home… that’s the one place that you’ll find

7th Heaven

Te Wa, Dich, San, Te May, Mom, and Dad, thank you for being my 7th heaven. My birthday wish is that you’ll always remember how special you are and how thankful I am of an awesome God who made you my guardian angels. I love you!

Street Food Happiness

banana cue

Google-ing banana cue!

Happiness is eating a beloved Filipino snack in the busy streets of Ermita, Manila, one late summer afternoon.

When I was taking my Spanish Classes in Instituto Cervantes, I used to crave all the goodies prolific in the sidewalk on my way to school. They range from Fishball to Tempura, and from nilagang mani (boiled peanuts) to Kwek-kwek, the hard-boiled eggs deep fried in orange batter. Yummy! Among these authentic street food, Banana cue is my favorite. It is just pure bliss in its sweet and crispy perfection. I’ve been meaning to buy one since my first visit to Instituto, but I always end up eating something else. I often forget to buy it before riding the LRT back home.

However, on one random Friday after class, the craving could no longer be ignored. I finally bought my most sought after banana cue that I paired with another all-time favorite calorie-filled drink, Mountain Dew. I sat on one of the empty benches at the park just below the UN LRT station. It’s as if the street wasn’t filled with pollution and I wasn’t eating dirty food. It didn’t matter. I just sat there and spent a whole 15 minutes pondering on my life. I was taking glances on passersby as I devour my banana cue and sip through my bottle of soda.

I managed to freeze, capture and save a mental picture of how my surroundings looked like in that very moment. There were the hustle and bustle of the vehicles on the street and students eagerly waiting for their Jeepney ride home. I recall the vendors doing their sales talk and customers buying their tricks. There were traffic enforcers doing their job and ensuring no one gets hurt. There were also other people like me, enjoying the array of street food literally on the sidewalk.

This happened three years ago but I still remember every single detail of that moment. It was such a peaceful inner experience despite the chaotic external environment. It is one of those out-of-the-blue days, when you reflect on your existence. When you realize that you have  to be grateful for the “now” that you’re living because now is all you have.

“How do you measure a year in your life?” as the song goes, and my answer to this is to count it in moments. Yes. Count it in random moments of feeling insanely happy by eating a piece of unhealthy, brown, sugar-coated, banana cue. It is through these moments that I get reminded of who I am–just a thread in a gigantic tapestry called life. I may only be one among the billions, but significant nonetheless.

Yeah, banana cue has that effect on me. Let’s all be happy and live in the moment! Now is all we have.