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One Fine Weekend

I went home for only two days over the last weekend of 2014. The whole trip was so fast and short-lived that I sometimes wonder if it was just a dream, if not for the pictures to remind me that it really happened. However, short as it was, I am grateful to be able to go home and hug everyone. I haven’t seen them for a year and miss them dearly.

My flight was delayed for two hours and I finally touched base around eight. Mom, Dad, Ate, Kuya, and my six lovely nieces and nephews fetched me. We went out for dinner straight from the airport, then we went to City Hall to see the Christmas lights, and passed by Paseo del Mar on a crowded Saturday night to buy knickerbocker, my favorite dessert. We went swimming at Regency the next day and shared heart to heart conversations with my sister for lunch and dinner. I had breakfast with a close friend who’s soon to be a doctor on the day of my return flight; took family group pictures in between massages and pedicures then off to the airport again. *Whew!

God was so gracious that even on my way back, while I was waiting to board the plane, I stumbled upon a good friend from Ateneo. We’ve been friends since I was in high school and we were in the same organization called Kabataang Samahan ng Magis at Animo (KASAMA).

I couldn’t be happier to see her! We immediately dove in to conversation to make up for the four, almost five years since the last time that we saw each other. Even though we still get updates about each other’s lives via social media sites throughout those years, nothing beats face to face conversations.

We were so engaged in conversation that we even requested to exchange seats with another passenger in the plane. The other passenger was also gracious to let us do so. We exchanged stories from our trip home to our current jobs; from reminiscing KASAMA moments to love lives and what not, but the best part is just sharing the moment with someone you know, trust and miss so much. It’s that elusive feeling of meeting someone from your past and sharing all your fears, successes, dreams and joys without reservation.

At NAIA 3, we bid our goodbyes and I’m back to reality. Hello, Metro City and off to work again in a few hours. It’s a manic Monday after all.

Nonetheless, I learned three things during this one fine weekend: 1. It is not how long you stayed, but how well you spent the time you had. 2. No amount of money is wasted when you spend it for family because nothing beats going home. 3. Friendship is not bound by space or time. You won’t know who God would make you meet today and so savor every encounter!

To Ate Pia, cheers to our next rendezvous!



Goodbye March, Hello April!

A few weeks ago, I posted a To Do list for my birth month. As promised, I’m posting an update about this list. Out of the 21 things that I wanted to do, I pulled off only half of them. I hope to fulfill the rest this April *fingers crossed.

Think before you speak

This came in handy when I had an argument with a really important person. I realized that it is really important to choose your words properly. If you want to be taken seriously, start with meaningful conversations. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Crack a joke

I don’t really joke with my peers in the office but cracking a joke here and there surely changed my cold and distant aura (or so I hope).

Write a blog about your mom

I wrote about my lovely mom here. Now I just have to find a way to get her online and make her read it. *haha

Go on an excursion

This gets a double-check in my list. I went swimming at Laiya Batangas with my office mates on the 15th then I climbed a mountain at Cuenca Batangas with my friends from a volunteer group on the 30th. Both experiences reminded me of nature’s beauty and grandeur. I can’t wait to do it again!

Sing in front of a lot of people

I sing all the time. Ask my sister, my friends, and my office mates. That doesn’t mean I’m excellent at it though. Singing in front of strangers at our excursion was liberating. Sometimes you don’t have to be great at something, you just have to do it from the heart and people will appreciate it.

Savor every meal

The Batangas trip was a food festival on its own.  From fresh watermelons and mangoes to grilled fish and buttered shrimps. Every meal could have been my last. Generally, I just became more grateful of the food I’m privileged to devour.

Smile more

I tried my best to smile while talking to my students. It makes my voice sound friendlier. You should try it too!

Send out gratitude letters

I gave straight-from-the-heart letters to a bunch of really awesome people in time for my birthday. We should never forget to remind the people who matter most to us that they matter.

Invite more people to volunteer

I was more vocal about the volunteer work I do with a missionary organization.  We teach children values formation every Sunday at Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Join a dance class

I joined a hip hop dance class a few weeks ago.  The joint pain was worth the fun and nostalgic feeling of late night practices. It reminded me of a time when I’d stay out late for dance practices back in high school.

Pray more

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank God for a new day. Before I go to sleep, I also thank Him for giving me today.

It’s a Friday! Let’s be grateful!