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Procrastination, my dear friend.


Meet “Procrastination”. This dude is a really good friend of mine. We’ve known each other since way back before I knew what his name was. I call him, “Crasty” for short. In my pre-teens, whenever my mom would tell me to wash the dishes or wipe the table clean, I would find my dear friend and play with him instead. In my collage days, whenever I had to wake up for an early morning class, Crasty would lay beside me and remind me how fluffy and cozy it is to just lay down for a couple minutes more. This would later entail the couple more minutes I will be late for class that day.

But Crasty isn’t always bad for me. He helped me extend more days at home with my family when I should have gone to work. He helped me keep so many trinkets of the past because I couldn’t get myself to throw them away just yet. He also paved way for me to watch so many movies and TV shows ranging from English to Japanese, Filipino to French and Korean to Spanish because I would put off something else just to watch such shows.

And as far as I know, everyone else is friends with Crasty, too! Sometimes more close than they should be. Whenever someone puts off calling their families using work as an excuse, whenever someone opts not to apply for a promotion thinking they’re not ready for it, or whenever someone doesn’t work on his project according to plan because he’s scared to fail. All these, they do with Crasty by their side.

This New Year, Crasty has to keep his distance from me. It will be hard to let him go, but even harder if I don’t start now. Isn’t it clumsy to procrastinate from letting go of procrastination?

That’s my resolution for 2017. What’s yours? Which friends are you going to let go this year? Hatred? Fear? Laziness? Let me know.

Have a blessed New Year, everyone!


Here and Now


Have you ever felt powerless? Insufficient? Lacking? At some point in time of our lives, we have those days when these negative feelings cover our minds and hearts. There are days when no matter how hard you try, it seems like what you’re doing is still not enough. No matter how much you give, it still doesn’t suffice.

However, despite all the negative thoughts, don’t forget to put room for a little sunshine. Think, “What I’m doing may not be enough, but I’m doing something.” Say, “I may not be giving much, but I’m giving nonetheless.” Acknowledge the fact, that you are in constant motion. Embrace the reality that you are doing so much better today then you were yesterday. You may still be far from reaching your goals, but you are living every day in a manner that will surely bring you to where you want to be.

So when all hope seems scarce and when you feel like the end is near, remember, here and now is actually just the beginning. Don’t give up! We are all in this together! ❤



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